A Mostly White House with Toddlers


"How do you have an all white house with little ones running around?!" is the comment I get over and over again. Let me be perfectly honest with you (and my friends and family can attest to this): we've got Cheeto handprints on the white walls of our upstairs. Our beautiful round dining table? It's got watercolor paints smeared on it in different places. Our honed marble counters? Sippy cup rings. Our hardwood floors? Tricycle scratches from toddlers riding around the house.

I could chase them around the house with wet wipes every second, cover every ounce of furniture in plastic sheets, obsess over what my home looks like each moment of the day. Is that a pillow on the floor?! Is she eating a peanut butter and jelly on the marble counters!? I could refuse to let them paint and play and run and dance because their mama wanted all white walls and light furniture. But I don't want to do that. I'm not about that.

Here's what I am about: inspiring my children to live beautifully and fully, creating safe, welcoming spaces where my children feel loved and wanted, showing my daughters that beauty doesn't mean perfection. 

I want them to remember that their mama loved to create because it made her feel closer to her Creator. And she was inspired by white things and it calmed her and it soothed her. I want them to know that when they grow up, they can create any kind of home they want. They can have pink ceilings and walls if it inspires them. I just want them to create a home that they love, that isn't based on perfection or unrealistic expectations.

Would I do all white again? Absolutely. Cheeto walls and all.


Megan Morris